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**What They’re Saying** Adam Putnam Delivers Commanding Performance, Wins Fox News Debate

Kissimmee, FL – Adam Putnam’s commanding performance in last night’s FOX News debate is being hailed as a victory by top Florida leaders and in the media. As Florida’s leading Republican candidate for governor, Adam Putnam made it clear that of all the candidates running for governor, he knows Florida best and will always put Florida First. It is also clear that Putnam’s opponent, Congressman DeSantis, has no plan for Florida and is running a D.C.-based campaign.


Sheriff Wayne Ivey, Brevard County

“Tonight showed that Adam Putnam has been in Florida, has been putting everything into Florida, and there’s just a very strong contrast between what happens in Washington and what happens here in Florida, and Adam has his finger on the pulse of that…Adam, like I do, believes that government’s one and only responsibility to its citizens is to protect them. He’s demonstrated that in every aspect.”

Speaker Richard Corcoran, Florida House of Representatives

“Ron DeSantis did nothing on sanctuary cities in Florida, he did nothing on e-Verify. He’s Do-Nothing DeSantis. For him to get up there and act like he cares about these issues, it’s just phony and i think Adam did a great job of pointing that out…I think the defining moment was the amalgamation of answers where Ron DeSantis proved that he doesn’t know the issues.”

John Stemberger, Florida Family Action

“Adam was simply unflappable in the debate. He had very high energy, showed a command of the state specific issues in Florida and did not hesitate to make it known that he will work and fight to protect all human life at all stages.”



Tampa Bay Times: Check out the difference between the Ron DeSantis GOP reception and Adam Putnam’s

By Adam C. Smith

View the article here:

Paid by Adam Putnam, Republican for Governor. P.O. Box 547, Bartow, Florida 33831

“We’re not saying this is predictive.

“We’re just noting that a lot more GOP activists at the Sunshine Summit confab in Kissimmee gravitated to the Adam Putnam post-debate reception than the one hosted across the hall by Ron DeSantis.”

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Daytona Beach News Journal: 5 memorable moments from Adam Putnam-Ron DeSantis debate

By Mark Harper

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“…Putnam’s campaign slogan, ‘Florida first,’ played prominently in his strategy to differentiate himself from DeSantis, who has never been involved with state government. Early on, Putnam, the two-term, outgoing agriculture commissioner, said of the debate venue: ‘It’s completely different than a Washington D.C. studio and I just want to say, welcome to Florida, congressman.’ Then, in his closing statement, Putnam returned to the idea. ‘We live in a state where people spend much of their adult lives trying to get here because for them Florida is a prize, a reward for a life well lived in many cases someplace else. The governor of Florida is also a prize, but you must be present to win’…”

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**FOX NEWS DEBATE KEY MOMENTS** Adam Putnam: “I Know Florida Best, and I will Always Put Florida First”

Kissimmee, FL – Tonight Adam Putnam, Florida’s leading Republican candidate for Governor, energized hundreds of likely Florida primary voters in a commanding performance demonstrating his strong knowledge of Florida issues. During the FOX News debate, Adam Putnam shared his Florida First vision to make Florida the launchpad for the American Dream, to secure our borders, support our law enforcement and put power back in to the hands of Florida families – not Washington or Tallahassee.

Following the debate, it is also clear that Adam Putnam is the ONLY candidate with a strong vision to lead Florida. Congressman Ron DeSantis, Putnam’s opponent who is trailing by 15 points in the official Fox News Channel poll released last week, has no plan and has not shared any specific ideas to build on Florida’s record economic growth or how he will address the major challenges facing our state.

Here are the key moments from tonight’s debate:

Adam Putnam: “What an exciting time to be in front of such a live audience of 1,000 Florida Republicans. It’s completely different than a Washington D.C. studio and I just want to say, welcome to Florida, Congressman!”

View the clip here:

Adam Putnam: “Washington is not going to solve our problems. We need someone who knows Florida best, will put Florida First and keep our economy moving in the right direction.”

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Adam Putnam: “President Trump’s the first president who cares more about American jobs and Florida farmers than the Swiss diplomats at their tea parties.”

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Adam Putnam: “The Democrats, they don’t just want sanctuary cities, they’re calling for Florida to be a sanctuary state. That’s the stakes of this election. Places like Maryland and places in California even allow people who are here illegally to vote. Not on our watch, not in the Sunshine State.”

View the clip here:

45 Florida Sheriffs Endorse Adam Putnam for Governor

From left to right: Washington County Sheriff Kevin Crews, Gulf County Sheriff Mike Harrison, Adam Putnam, Liberty County Sheriff Eddie Joe White, Walton County Sheriff Michael A. Adkinson and Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford. 

Adam Putnam announced his “Secure Florida First” agenda this month alongside Manatee County Sheriff Rick Wells (left), Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight (right) and members of the Tampa Police Benevolent Association.

Bartow, FL —  Team Putnam announced today that 45 Florida Sheriffs have thrown their support behind Adam Putnam in his run for Governor. It’s clear that Florida’s law enforcement community knows Adam Putnam will put Floridians’ safety and security first. 

“I am honored and profoundly humbled to have the support of 45 sheriffs across the state of Florida. To lead Florida, to secure Florida, to keep Florida safe, you must put law enforcement first,” Adam Putnam said. “Everyday our law enforcement and first responders are putting themselves in harm’s way to keep our citizens and communities safe. As Governor, I will fight for our law enforcement officers and ensure they have the resources necessary to respond to the major safety and security issues facing our state.”

In addition to 45 sheriffs, Adam Putnam has earned the endorsements of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), Police Benevolent Association (PBA) and the Florida Professional Firefighters. The announcement comes weeks after Putnam released his “Secure Florida First” agenda, an aggressive approach to tackle illegal immigration, the opioid crisis, mass violence and other serious safety and security issues facing Florida.

The 45 Florida Sheriffs who have endorsed Adam Putnam for Governor include:

  • Sheriff Scotty Rhoden, Baker County
  • Sheriff Tommy Ford, Bay County
  • Sheriff Gordon Smith, Bradford County
  • Sheriff Wayne Ivey, Brevard County
  • Sheriff Bill Prummell, Charlotte County
  • Sheriff Darryl Daniels, Clay County
  • Sheriff Kevin Rambosk, Collier County
  • Sheriff Mark Hunter, Columbia County
  • Sheriff James Potter, DeSoto County
  • Sheriff Bobby Schultz, Gilchrist County
  • Sheriff David Hardin, Glades County
  • Sheriff Mike Harrison, Gulf County
  • Sheriff Arnold Lanier, Hardee County
  • Sheriff Steve Whidden, Hendry County
  • Sheriff Al Nienhuis, Hernando County
  • Sheriff Paul Blackman, Highlands County
  • Sheriff Chad Chronister, Hillsborough County
  • Sheriff Deryl Loar, Indian River County
  • Sheriff Lou Roberts III, Jackson County
  • Sheriff Brian Lamb, Lafayette County
  • Sheriff Peyton Grinnell, Lake County
  • Sheriff Mike Scott, Lee County
  • Sheriff Bobby McCallum, Levy County
  • Sheriff Eddie Joe White, Liberty County
  • Sheriff Ben Stewart, Madison County
  • Sheriff Rick Wells, Manatee County
  • Sheriff Billy Woods, Marion County
  • Sheriff William Snyder, Martin County
  • Sheriff Rick Ramsay, Monroe County
  • Sheriff Bill Leeper, Nassau County
  • Sheriff Noel Stephen, Okeechobee County
  • Sheriff Larry Ashley, Okaloosa County
  • Sheriff Chris Nocco, Pasco County
  • Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, Pinellas County
  • Sheriff Grady Judd, Polk County
  • Sheriff Homer “Gator” DeLoach, Putnam County
  • Sheriff Bob Johnson, Santa Rosa County
  • Sheriff Tom Knight, Sarasota County
  • Sheriff Dennis Lemma, Seminole County
  • Sheriff David Shoar, St. Johns County
  • Sheriff Bill Farmer, Sumter County
  • Sheriff Wayne Padgett, Taylor County
  • Sheriff Brad Whitehead, Union County
  • Sheriff Mike Adkinson , Walton County
  • Sheriff Kevin Crews, Washington County

Sheriff Tommy Ford, Bay County:

“Adam Putnam’s ‘Secure Florida First’ agenda is spot on for what we need to do to keep Florida safe. It’s my honor to be here with my fellow sheriffs to endorse Adam Putnam as the next Governor of the State of Florida.”

Watch Sheriff Tommy Ford’s endorsement here:

Chad Chronister, Hillsborough County Sheriff:

“Our state leads the nation as the most business, veteran and family-friendly state in the nation, which is why it is critical for us to get Adam Putnam elected to the governor’s office to keep Florida the way it is. Adam is the most qualified person to lead our state into the future and uphold the values that we cherish as a county, as a state and as a nation.”

Watch Sheriff Chad Chronister’s endorsement here:

Rick Wells, Manatee County Sheriff:

“As Sheriff of Manatee County, I appreciate the plan Adam Putnam will put in place for the State of Florida. No one was hit harder by the opioid and heroine epidemic than Manatee County. Adam’s concentrated on the epidemic and what we need to do to start saving lives.”

Watch Sheriff Rick Wells’ endorsement here:

Larry Ashley, Okaloosa County Sheriff:

“Adam is well experienced in both state and federal law and policies and understands the obligations placed on our citizens, businesses, and the law enforcement community whenever we enact laws. I know him to be bold in ensuring fairness and the rule of law for all our families. He is a man of convictions and integrity and the right man to lead our diverse family of Floridians.”

Watch Sheriff Larry Ashley’s endorsement here:

Grady Judd, Polk County Sheriff:

“Adam Putnam is the leader for the future. He understands the only thing that keeps us safe is keeping bad guys in prison. Being Governor of the third largest state is no training ground, we need experience. That is why I’m supporting Adam.”

Watch Sheriff Grady Judd’s endorsement here:

Tom Knight, Sarasota County Sheriff:

“I’m proud to stand with the many sheriffs in this state who support Adam Putnam because of his stance on public safety. For me and 16 other sheriffs, we want to thank Adam for taking a stand to make sure we don’t become a state like California, and are able to work with federal immigration and ICE to make sure criminal illegal aliens are identified when they are arrested and brought into our county jails, so we can notify ICE and remove these criminals.” 

Watch Sheriff Tom Knight’s endorsement here:

Sheriff Mike Adkinson, Walton County:

“Adam Putnam is a clear and resounding voice in support of law and order. He understands that for Floridians to raise their families and prosper they must feel safe and confident in the knowledge that they are being protected.  Deputies, police and corrections officers need to know that they will not be abandoned by those leaders who will wait on the latest polls to decide where they stand.”

Watch Sheriff Mike Adkinson’s endorsement here:

Fox News Poll: Adam Putnam Holds Commanding Lead in Gubernatorial GOP Primary

Fox News Poll: Florida GOP gubernatorial primary

June 21, 2018

Read the full results of the Fox News Poll here

“…A Fox News Poll of Florida likely GOP primary voters finds Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam ahead of Congressman Ron DeSantis by a 32-17 percent margin…

“Fox News is hosting a Florida GOP gubernatorial primary debate Thursday, June 28 with co-moderators Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from 6:30-7:30PM/ET.

“The poll, released Thursday, finds 22 percent of these GOP primary voters believe immigration is the top issue facing their state, while 16 percent say health care, 15 percent the economy, 12 percent guns, 10 percent the opioid crisis, 7 percent taxes, 5 percent environmental issues, and 4 percent abortion…”

Read the full results of the Fox News Poll here: