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Adam Putnam Shares Florida First Vision at Republican Gubernatorial Forum in The Villages


The Villages, FL – Adam Putnam shared his Florida First Agenda today at the Republican Gubernatorial Forum hosted by The Villages Republican Club. 

“Our plan is putting Florida Families First, supporting and defending life and taking on the opioid crisis. Our plan is to implement a Secure Florida First Agenda, with the support and input of the 45 Florida Sheriffs endorsing me, that addresses both public safety and national security,” Putnam said.

“Our Florida Military and Veterans First plan talks about what we’re going to do to protect our 20 military bases here in Florida and how we’re going to continue to care for our veterans by adding additional nursing homes dedicated to those who have served our country. And finally, our Florida Jobs First Agenda begins with putting vocational and technical training back into our schools so we’re producing the next generation of boat builders, and the next generation of space innovators. These are my values and that is the vision of a Florida First campaign.”

During the question and answer portion of the forum, Putnam addressed senior fraud, a rising concern for Florida retirees. 

“Twenty percent of retirees in the United States live in Florida, and The Villages is the second fastest growing residential community in America. We want people to know that when they come here, they’re going to be safe and we’re going to protect their identities, their finances and prioritize their safety,” Putnam said.

Putnam praised President Donald Trump for standing up for American and Floridian workers in NAFTA negotiations. 

“I’m proud of President Trump for rattling the cage and trying to bring fairness back to our trading system. I love the fact that he is fighting for American factory workers and Florida farmers,” Putnam said. 

Villagers were reminded by Putnam to get to the polls and vote and cast their ballots in order to keep Florida conservative. 

“Liberals want to make Florida a sanctuary state, raise our taxes, increase regulations and make it harder for businesses to succeed. For the last twenty years, Florida has been fortunate to have conservative leaders, most especially, Governor Rick Scott. We need to continue that if we are going to keep our state moving in the right direction,” Putnam said. 

Adam Putnam Energizes Supporters at “Up & Adam” Grassroots Breakfast in Flagler Beach


Flagler Beach, FL –  Adam Putnam met a crowd of enthusiastic supporters in Flagler Beach this morning as he hosted his signature “Up & Adam” grassroots breakfast. Team Putnam supporters gathered at Tortugas Floribbean Kitchen & Bar to hear his vision for Florida’s future.

“This race is boiling down to a choice between a Washington approach to running Florida or a Florida First focus,” Putnam said. “I don’t believe that you can run Florida, lead Florida, bring Floridians together, from an out-of-state TV studio. You have to have had your feet in the sand, or in the swamp, or in the dirt or in the sand hills. You have to be standing in Florida to know where to take our state.”

“If your focus is on our state, and how to make our state even better, then I’m your guy. From public safety, to public education, to stronger small businesses, to stronger agriculture, and supporting our tourism industry… That’s a Florida First Agenda.”

State Senator Travis Hutson echoed Putnam’s remarks on the importance of electing a Florida focused Governor. 

“I’ve been a proud supporter for Adam Putnam for many years,” Senator Hutson said.“Adam knows Florida unlike any one else I have ever met. He knows Florida from Lake Okeechobee and all the way to Destin in the Panhandle, up to Fernandina Beach and down in Flagler County. This election is about Florida issues, we need to elect someone who knows about the issues and cares about the issues.”

Where’s Ron? … Attacking Florida Retirees

Bartow, FL – Where is Congressman Ron DeSantis? Not with Florida retirees in The Villages. While Adam Putnam makes his way to The Villages tomorrow for a Republican Gubernatorial Forum, the Congressman is skipping out on the residents of The Villages.

It’s no surprise the Congressman can’t bear to face Florida retirees, considering that he’s spent his time in Washington D.C. attacking seniors and stripping them of their benefits. The Congressman might be in trouble since Florida has the highest percentage of senior citizens in the nation.

Here’s what you need to know:

In Washington, Congressman DeSantis voted to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits to seniors. The Congressman even voted to increase the retirement age. Florida retirees are voicing their concerns about the Congressman in the latest Adam Putnam for Governor ad. 

See the Congressman’s votes supporting cuts for senior citizens:

  • House Congressional Resolution 25, Roll Call Vote 86, 3/20/13, Overall Vote: 104-132, DeSantis Voted Yea
  • House Congressional Resolution 96, Roll Call Vote 175, 4/10/14, Overall Vote: 133-291, DeSantis Voted Yea
  • House Congressional Resolution 27, Roll Call Vote 138, 3/25/15, Overall Vote: 132-294, DeSantis Voted Yea

Adam Putnam is committed to putting Florida retirees first, and won’t cut their benefits. 

Grassroots Momentum Grows as Adam Putnam Meets Supporters in Boca Raton


Boca Raton, FL –  Grassroots momentum for Team Putnam continues to build as Adam Putnam joined a crowd of supporters for an “Up & Adam” breakfast at The Griddle in Boca Raton today. Adam Putnam shared his vision for Florida’s future including his Florida First plan to implement more vocational and technical programs in schools, protect the rights of Floridians and promote a conservative agenda.

“I’m honored to have the support of Floridians everywhere,” Putnam said.  “From the law enforcement community, to the business community and the faith communities. They know that I know Florida best, and I will always put Florida First as their Governor.”

Florida Fraternal Order of Police 2nd Vice President, David Bernhardt, joined Putnam for the grassroots breakfast. 

“No one is more uniquely qualified for Governor than Adam Putnam. He has a deep understanding of what law enforcement needs and what the first responders who protect you need to be protected,” Bernhardt said. “He’s here, always in the state. Adam understands the assets of our state, the diversity and the needs of this great state. No other candidate has those attributes and understands Florida like Adam Putnam. And for that reason, law enforcement’s men and women stand 100 percent behind Adam Putnam as our next Governor of the State of Florida.”